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TRY EVENTS registration age discounts:
Children age 15 and under receive a $15 discount (5K or 10K distances only and must run with a paid guardian)
Youth age 16 to 19 receive a $10 discount
Seniors age 65 and over receive a $10 discount

try events first race of the season

FIRST RACE OF THE SEASON and 13th year of the Chilly Chase!

Start your new year out by making the Vancouver Chilly Chase your first athletic goal race of the season!
EVERYONE is a winner with TRY EVENTS' 5K, 10K, 15K and Half Marathon participants earn a GREAT souvenir finishing medal. The Chilly Chase supports our local Charity Give Partners.

Race Course Description
The 5K, 10K, 15K and Half routes take walkers and runners along an out and back course along the Seawall. This is a quick, flat course with a gorgeous winter views of Vancouver! See map links on the left for more details. The Half will be an extension of the 15KM Route.

Vancouver Historic Half Package

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Vancouver Chilly Chase custom event socks

Sock Sizing Chart

vancouver historic half medal mock up try events

Everyone is a winner! All distances receive a finisher's medal.

Vancouver Chilly Chase Info

Race location
Start/Finish Line on Seawall behind Creekside Community Recreation Centre

Race Day
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

*Registration Policies

Distances start times 

9:00am Half Runners
Half Marathon Run (Runners Only)

9:03am15K Runners
15K Run (Runners Only)

9:06 10K Walkers/Runners
10K Walkers/Runners

9:09am 5K Walkers/Runners
5K Walkers/Runners

8:45am minutes before your start Course closed 12 PM(3 hours) (5k/10K Walkers & Runners) (15K/Half Runners ONLY!)

Registration options
Register on-line

Half, 15K, 10K & 5K Includes
  • Souvenir finishing medal
  • Souvenir Socks
  • Individual timing
  • After event snacks
  • Race bib
  • Participant Insurance
  • Random prizes
  • Safe secure course with approved city permits
  • optional souvenir items

Course maps
5K Walk/Run
10K Walk/Run
15K (Run ONLY)
Half (Run ONLY)

Race Kit Pickup:


As a final option we will have a race day pick up service, for this service we will hire more staff to accommodate people that want to pay $5 for the service. Please email, in subject place put in race name and pick up service so it gets filed correctly. Example: Chilly Chase pick up service. In the content please provide your full name and distance, You will need to arrive at least 45minutes early on race morning and go to the TRY EVENTS table.

No same day package pick up without signing up for the above extra service. Please arrange to attend the listed package pick up locations during the times posted. We do not mail out packages. Remember when it is late registration sizing is first come first serve but we always have lots of supplies the first couple days.

*Once the race starts all left over supplies that have not been picked up will be available for size exchanges, for sale and/or donated

Placing Medals 1st, 2nd & 3rd over all, *You must be at awards to claim!

Timing & Results
Tag timed event
Display clock
No Tag no results

After you cross the finish line please do not leave the chute until after your tag is removed It is our goal to have the results posted within 24hrs

TRY timing tags

Attach the timing tag to your shoe laces using zaps provided. After your race please return timing tag to avoid being charged $40 If you still have your timing tag please mail it to the address on the tag.

Click here to view tag on shoe

How to get to the Chilly Chase

#1 Athletes Way

Parking: Under Creekside Community Centre Science World

By bike
via Ontario St and/or Seaside bike routes

By transit
Walking distance from Main & Terminal and Olympic Village skytrain stations Translink bus routes
3, 8, 15, 19, 50, 84, C21, C23

Winter Running Tips:

The following are some cold-weather running tips. Most of the tips involve some good common sense in the severe conditions.

1. Adjust the intensity of your workout.

2. Up to 50% of body heat is lost through the head, so keep it covered.

3. Warm up properly, start your runs at a comfortable pace and slowly build up the pace to a pace slower than your normal training pace.

4. Shorten your stride to improve your footing on icy roads. Wear Ice Joggers over the soles of your shoes for greater traction.

5. Carry a cell phone so you can make a call or carry cab fare in your shoe or pocket.

6. Wind chill does not measure temperature; it measures the rate of cooling. On a day with high wind chill, prepare for the wind. Take a look at our wind chill charts in this chapter as they will help you assess your risk of frostbite.

7. Run into the wind for the first part of your run and with the wind on the return portion.

8. When running by yourself, run in a loop in case you need to cut the run short.

9. On your first few runs on snow or ice, you may experience slight muscle soreness in the legs. That is because your supporting muscles are working harder to control your slipping.

10. Cover all exposed skin with clothing or skin lotion. If you or your running partner has exposed skin, be aware of each other to prevent frostbite.

11. In the winter it’s dark, so wear reflective gear and run facing the traffic in order to be more visible.

12. Mittens are warmer than gloves.

13. Drink water on any run over 45 minutes.

14. Use a lip protector (like Lip Balm and ChapStick) on your lips, nose and ears.

15. Gentlemen, protect your future generation—wear a wind brief.

16. Our beauty tips for those dry hands: petroleum jelly on the hands helps keep them warm and makes a great moisturizer.

17. Do speed work indoors on dry surfaces.

18. Be aware of hypothermia for both yourself and those running with you. Hypothermia is a drop in your core body temperature. Signs of hypothermia include incoherent, slurred speech, clumsy fingers and poor coordination. At the first sign, get to a warm, dry place and seek medical attention. You are more likely to experience difficulty on a wet and windy day.

19. Do not accelerate or decelerate quickly in the cold weather.

20. Make sure your changes in direction are gradual to avoid slipping or pulling muscles that are not properly warmed up.

21. Freezing your lungs is just not possible. The air is sufficiently warmed by the body prior to entering the lungs. If you find the cold air uncomfortable, wear a face mask; it will help warm the air.

22. No need to get out the wool socks or double up on your regular pair. Wear a single pair of thermal socks to stay warm.

23. Take your wet clothes off and get into dry ones on as soon as possible.

24. Wear your water bottle under your jacket to keep it from freezing.

25. Review runner safety. Safety is even more important in the winter with less light and far more ice and other obstacles on the running paths and roads.

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