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Race Day: Saturday, August 8th, 2020, 3rd year!


Beer Maze 

May 31st


July 1st






2K & 8K Donut Dash race info

*No age discounts with Beer/Root Beer Maze

*On-line registration closes one week prior to race day or when supply cap is reached

*Learn more about our Registration Policies Here

*Frequently Asked Questions answered Here

*GST and processing included in walk-in price

*Walk-in registration is cash or cheque (+$2 for cheque), space permitting

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Second year of the Chilliwack Fair Donut Dash & Beer Maze!

EVERYONE is a winner with TRY EVENTS' all participants earn a beer or root beer, and a chance to win the dollar value of your weight in beer or root beer! Support the Chilliwack Agriculture Society at the Chilliwack Fair!

Race Course Description
Come one and all, young and… not young!

This event will be taking place within the fair grounds and everyone is welcome! Test your speed and dexterity as you maneuver your way through an maze course while balancing a full mug of Root Beer or Beer! Race your friends and family, or just test yourself! Re-runs are encouraged so you can to beat your score throughout the day.

In support of:
chilliwack fair charity try events

In 1873, the non-profit Chilliwack and District Agricultural Society incorporated and began producing the Chilliwack Exhibition and Fair. The Fair has run continuously since then and is the second-oldest fair in British Columbia.

The culture and heritage of Chilliwack is what makes our community strong and unique. The Fair is an opportunity to celebrate all that the community has to offer and despite being the foundation on which it was built, the Fair is about much more than agriculture. We are proud to feature many local artists, organizations and businesses throughout the Fair. Opportunities to participate in the Fair are countless, whether as a 4-H member showing a favourite animal, an entrant in the annual Fruit Pie Baking Contest, an event sponsor, or a volunteer in any of a number of different capacities during fair time.

The Chilliwack Agricultural Society enjoys strong relationships with our long term partners and strives to develop new partnerships in the community. Some of our many partners have included the Atchelitz Threshermen’s Association, the Chilliwack Rodeo Association, Chilliwack 4-H District, the Chilliwack Arts Council, Chilliwack Rotary, Chilliwack Kiwanis, the Chilliwack Schools Garden Program, the City of Chilliwack, Tourism Chilliwack, Heritage Park and the University of the Fraser Valley.

Chilliwack Package

chilliwack training badge

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chilliwack beer

All participants receive a beer or root beer.

chilliwack beer

A chance to win the dollar value of your weight in beer or root beer!

Chilliwack Info

Race location
Beer Maze location

Race Day
Saturday, August 8th, 2020

*Registration Policies

12:00pm to 3pm
Wave Starts to select
12pm to 1pm
1pm to 2pm
2pm to 3pm

Registration options
Register on-line

Package Includes
  • Beer or root beer
  • Souvenir  Beer Mug
  • Race bib
  • Participant Insurance
  • Safe secure course with approved city permits
  • Entrance to fair for on-line registrations only
  • optional souvenir items

Timing & Results
Display clock
TRY timing tags

So how does this Beer Maze event work?

Four quick items about the Beer Maze event!

#1 The maze perimeter is a proximately 100’ x 60’ and the inside of this space is the maze you will have to navigate through. (more details below)

#2 Participants receive a souvenir Beer Maze Stein, a beer or root beer, entrance to the fair if you register in advance on-line, the fun of maze, your time and a chance to win your weight in value of beer or root beer!

#3 You must be at least 19 years of age or older to participate in the Beer Maze or it’s the Root Beer Maze for you! (ID required)

#4 The Beer Maze is open 12noon to 5pm.

We will offer a combo price savings of 15% off while you register on-line for your 4K or 8K Chilliwack Fair Donut Dash which you will need to select the added Beer Maze event to the registration. We will also have a 25% discount to those already registered in the 4K or 8K. You must register with the same registration details for the system to recognize you and apply the discount.

*Remember all discounts, parking and entrance into the fair is only included when you register in advance on-line. If you wait until race day to register you will have to pay for the Chilliwack Fair entrance to come and register for either race that day, So please register early to save and secure your spot!

We have ordered the event supplies, which means we have limited space, register now to secure your spot!

The souvenir item for the Beer Maze will be the green translucent plastic beer stein. Maze participants will carry their full stein of beer or root beer through the maze to the drinking zone, before you start drinking we will ensure the level of beer is above the Fill Line located on your mug, you then need to fully drink your beer or root beer before crossing the finish to receive your time! Your time will be written with black permanent marker on one of the three lines on the bottom of the stein and recorded, if participants want to attempt the Beer Maze again they can for up to a maximum of three attempts, the 2nd and third attempt you will reuse your souvenir stein and the cost per additional attempt is $10. Bring cash if you would plan to make another attempt at the beer maze. The fastest Beer Maze or Root Beer participant will win their weight in value of beer or root beer depending on their age, ID will be required, and you must be at least 19 to participate in the Beer side of the Beer Maze or it will be the Root Beer Maze for you ;)

ONLY ONE PERSON will become the official winner of the BEER MAZE!

Participants attempting the Beer Maze for the 2nd or 3rd time must also confirm they have a designated driver! Very important. Each additional Maze time will be added to the mug.

We are still working on the rules, but here some:

You must be 19 years of age or older to participate in the Beer Maze (ID REQUIRED) or its the Root Beer Maze for you!

You must complete the maze to the drinking zone while holding your full beer stein and your beer or root beer level must be above or equal to the fill line on the stein, and checked before you start to drink, if you didn't keep your beer or root beer level above or equal to fill line you will not get an official time and that attempt will not be included for a chance to win your weight in value of beer or root beer!

You must follow the maze, if you do not follow the maze that current attempt will be disqualified from the chance to win your weight in value of beer or root beer.

*We reserve the right to add or modify the wording and or add or change a rule before the start of the Beer Maze, after the start all rules will stand for the event.

*The Beer Maze will change up to 3 times throughout the day. Yes, the over all outside borders of the maze will remain the same BUT the inside can change up to three times throughout the day! Can one maze be quicker than another if the over all perimeter stays the same? That’s all the details we have for now, this is a new event for us and its an on-going process
😊 Thank you for your interest in our new event and we hope to see many of you making your attempt at the maze!

How to get to the Chilliwack Beer Maze


By Vehicle
Exit Highway 1 at Lickman Road exit #116
Turn south (right from Vancouver, left from Hope) onto Lickman Road
Turn left onto Luckakuck Road
Heritage Park will be on the right

Chilliwack Beer Maze Sponsors

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